Louisbourg Stories


Thursday, April 15, 2010
1: If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean you are lucky enough.
2: Cheap Houses and properties. They are half of what they are in Ontario especially if you want to downscale. Low property taxes that can be fixed for seniors.
3: Weather. The weather in Louisbourg is consistantly better then weather in Southern Ontario
It is milder and has less snow and is cooler in summer. The weather in this part of Cape Breton is completly different then the rest of Cape Breton. We have more fog but almost all major storms miss us even thunder storms are rare.
4: Fresh Air. Excellent fresh soft Water right from the Tap. Fresh seafood.
5: Terrific Infrastructure. Highspeed internet and cable right at the door. Garbarge collection, Snow ploughing clean roads and sidewalks always.
6: Many Organizations and Churches, Volunteer Work galore good community Services.
7: Major hospital 30 minutes away. Fast local Ambulance service (no traffic) Volunteer Fire Department. Airport is 30 minutes away.
8: Recreation: World Class golf course 1 kilometer down the road. Unlimited Hiking, Hunting and Fishing. Swimming on clean sandy beaches.
9: Great opportunities for Artists and Hobbyists. The tourist business is much under exploited
10: Friendly people, Everbody waves to everybody. Virtually zero crime rate.